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Site updated: 2006-07-21

The Sites

What they offer Realistic total profit in a month avg Lifetime
Investing sites     Since
Download movies online Open Trade International, Inc., investment company.
1% - 2.2% Daily(Mon-Fri) for 240 days. Min.$20 - No Max. Principal refundable after 240 days.
Compounding available. Referral bonus 5 % of the initial E-gold deposit only. E-gold
20 % - 44 % 2006
Download movies online 0.8-2 %, you can compound or withdraw every day. 5% referrals. 24 % - 60% 2006
Download movies online 1.2-3.5 %, you can compound or automatically withdraw every day. 5-10% referrals. 40 % - 60% 2006
Download movies online 1-2.3 %, you can compound or withdraw every day. 5% referrals. Aliativa is a leading global investment manager that provide financial expertise both to the companies, and private investors worldwide. 30 - 69% 2006
Download movies online 1.2%-2.8% Daily(Mon-Fri) for 180 days. Min:$10- No Max. Principal not refundable after 180 days.
Compounding available. Referral bonus 5 %. e-gold
24 - 56% 2006
Affiliate programs      
E-Gold Payment processor affiliate programm.    
PayPal Payment processor affiliate programm.    
Liberty Reserve Payment processor affiliate programm.    

Recommended money processor: Liberty Reserve


What are hyips and look in days etc ?

What does a "look in" period mean ?
If there is a lock in period of 170 business days, then you have to wait 170 business days before you can withdraw your money from your first deposit from the principal. The principal consists of your deposits and the money you have compounded. The profit you recieve from your principal can often be withdrawn each day. So if you compound 50 % then you can get money each day and still let the principal get higher so that you are getting more and more money and finally after the lock in period you get a big withdrawal.


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